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INNER GHOSTS is a horror film for horror fans who think they've seen it all.

We spent a long time developing our screenplay because we wanted to tell you a story that really went beyond the horror genre. We want our horror story to touch the inner souls of audiences everywhere. And for that to happen, it has to be fresh, ambitious and experimental. CHECK! This 90-minute horror journey is being completely produced in Lisbon, Portugal, by an ensemble of professionals and artists from over ten countries who are passionate about the genre and fully committed to making a film that will truly become a Eurohorror classic! Working together through ten different time zones, we are horror fans just like you! We love the same films you love and we know our film will make you squirm. But WE NEED YOUR HELP! We want to make sure you will experience our story exactly as we envisioned. So please feel free to take a tour through our site, get our free e-book, like us on Facebook and - if you think we deserve your generosity - please check our upcoming Kickstarter campaign next April. We'll have some revolutionary rewards waiting for you.

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